Spiration’s team of scientists and researchers are focused on developing advanced treatment options for patients suffering from acute and chronic lung conditions, including emphysema and air leaks resulting from damaged lung tissue.

Along the treatment continuum between highly invasive surgical procedures and the passive uncertainty of “wait and see,” it seemed that thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists and others in the field had limited options; and patient outcomes ranged from unacceptable to mere comfort measures. We saw little in the way of technological advancement within the field, as compared to such specialties as cardiology, oncology or neurosurgery.

And yet, lung disease and related conditions directly affect more than 13 million people in the U.S. alone. So our team set out to develop treatments for this patient population, specifically for those suffering from severe emphysema and air leaks. In the case of emphysema, lung reduction surgery brings with it myriad complications, exacerbated by the fact that these patients are already in a compromised state of health.

In cases of air leaks, surgical treatments share the same risks; and the “wait and see” approach, in which treatment comes down to hope and the passage of time, leaves too much to chance. In all cases, there is the matter of complications and the costs associated with extended hospitalization.

What if there was an alternative treatment option that allowed doctors to be proactive in treating these conditions? One that stood on the shoulders of existing best practices, but that was non-invasive, reversible, cost-effective, and measurably increased the quality of life for patients?



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