Spiration Valve System

The Spiration Valve System is a minimally-invasive medical device designed  to treat severely diseased lung in patients with heterogeneous emphysema and evidence or markers of low collateral ventilation such as complete fissures, or damaged lung resulting in air leaks, by limiting airflow to selected areas.

It has received CE Mark regulatory approval, TGA approval in Australia, a humanitarian device exemption for treating prolonged air leaks in the United States, and CFDA approval in China and Health Canada approval for treating air leaks.


Inspiration Meets Innovation

The Spiration Valve blocks incoming breath from entering damaged portions of the lung, while it permits trapped air and mucus to escape the damaged and potentially hyper-inflated lung. That air is redirected to healthier portions of the lung for more beneficial use. The valve’s unique anchoring system and umbrella-shaped design are responsible for its exceptional deliverability and functionality, with 0% migration and expectoration even in complex airways.

Stays in Place
The first and only valve with anchors for
0% migration and expectoration1, 2, 3
Greater Airway Access
Catheters for 2.0mm and 2.6mm
working channels
Redirects Air
The first and only valve without a pressure
fit, allowing secretions to escape naturally
along the bronchial wall
The first and only valve with a center
rod to facilitate removal




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